ERG in action

If the measure of a company is based on the commitment and dedication of its staff, GSK would serve as the gold standard. Nowhere is this reflected more than in the incredible, passionate commitment of our Employee Resource Groups (ERG).

During Pride month, we are shining the spotlight on our LGBTQ+ ERG, Spectrum. In 1996, a group of GSK staff formed the first Spectrum branch and they have not slowed down since. We now have active branches at each of our US locations.

“Our ERG lends its voice in different ways. We’ve given input on what questions should be included in clinical trial surveys to ensure diversity. We’ve pushed for gender-neutral bathrooms at our facilities. We’re present for discussions of major events, sometimes traumatic ones, that involve the LGBTQ+ community.” said Reppert Gerber. By bringing together people from diverse backgrounds to share ideas, ERGs are instrumental in enhancing workplace culture. Led by effective and empathic sponsors, these branches connect those in underrepresented groups and contribute greatly to retention.

“When a company effectively indicates – we see you, that goes a long way in empowering everyone,” said Reppert Gerber. “This motivates us to be very active both internally and externally. We raise cultural awareness for major events such as Pride Month. We are asked for or offer our perspective. We support and mentor colleagues. There is power in numbers.”

Each Spectrum branches hold regular meetings to align on goals and share what is happening in their part of the world. This grassroots effort delivers meaningful change aligned with business objectives. This value surfaces in recruiting, career development, research and development, industry conferences and community partnerships.

It’s really important to me to have a centered space for people at all levels, geographies and departments to foster a sense of belonging across the entire company."

Stephanie Reppert Gerber

Investigator - Biopharm Global Analytical Operations