We have an emerging portfolio focused on blood and women's cancers and are seeking to make transformative breakthroughs in immuno-oncology.

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At GSK Oncology, we are leading the way to reimagine improved ways of engaging with people with cancer and their loved ones. We have an opportunity to take an authentically human approach in our work with patients and their entire care team. We’re building an inclusive culture where the world’s best talent can help transform medicine together.

Our commitment to patient education

Our programs are designed to educate and improve patient understanding regarding disease symptoms, early diagnosis and ongoing support.

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Our Way Forward

Our Way Forward, created by GSK with input from the National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) and the Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance (OCRA), is a call to action that encourages women living with ovarian cancer, their loved ones, and healthcare providers to rethink how they talk about ovarian cancer and ways to work together to navigate the physical and emotional challenges that the disease brings.

Learn more and visit our oncology homepage.


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Helping Black Women Spot Endometrial Cancer Symptoms

Endometrial cancer is a cancer of the womb that disproportionately affects Black women. In fact, Black women are nearly twice as likely to die from endometrial cancer than other women. And it can't usually be detected by a routine Pap smear, so knowing what to look for can be key to getting treated. Red Dab? Red Flag aims to make Black women aware that if they experience any unusual spotting or a red dab of blood, it could be a sign of endometrial cancer and to talk to their doctor, sooner. This campaign has been funded by GSK. 

Learn more about Red Dab Red Flag here.


Our purpose-built organization

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Cancer doesn’t wait, and neither do we. GSK Oncology works with a sense of urgency to deliver medicines and programs and expand our pipeline of products with the promise for the future. We bring transparency, authenticity, and passion to everything we do.

We are uniquely collaborative and united in a single goal—to deliver medicines that maximize survival and quality of life for people with cancer who have limited treatment options. GSK scientists are focused on maximizing survival through the discovery and development of novel oncology medicines that may have life-changing potential. Our goal is for people with cancer to not only live, but to live well, as a result of our medicines.

Health, equity and innovation

Factors outside of science, such as discrimination, can create barriers that prevent people from benefitting from the hard-won scientific advancements in cancer care. Innovation must go beyond the science to address care disparities.

As a company, GSK Oncology is committed to not just spotting the inequities present in cancer care but helping to solve for them. Read more in Endpoints News.


Working alongside the oncology community

GSK is honored to work with patient groups, advocates and physicians who impact the lives of those impacted by cancer.   We strive to create resources that will encourage and empower the oncology community to broaden their knowledge around their disease and speak with their healthcare team(s) around options. 

GSK’s new Oncology patient engagement hub – a direct-to-patient education platform – offers information, resources, and webinars to drive patient and care partner activation- on topics such as general wellness to disease-specific information. 

Access to our medicines

At GSK Oncology, we understand that a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming for patients and loved ones. Treatment considerations and costs can add undue stress, especially if you’re unsure what coverage options are available or how to access them. Together with GSK Oncology is here to help, offering patients and healthcare professionals a variety of access and reimbursement services for all GSK oncology products—all in one place.