A career in Boston

Cambridge/Greater Boston is one of the top locations globally for the biotech and pharma industry. It's where cutting-edge innovation is happening. We continue to grow our footprint in Cambridge by developing new medicines and vaccines and bringing together expertise to get ahead of disease. 

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Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

We ensure our medicines and vaccines are safe and of the highest quality. Delivering billions of packs of medicines that make a positive change in the health of the world is something we take seriously. It’s a responsibility that drives us to innovate across every stage of the process and helps us bring about better and faster results. We have 37 medicines and vaccines manufacturing sites across the world.

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At GSK we are getting ahead together by uniting science, technology and talent to prevent and change the course of disease. In R&D, we are laser focused to competitively deliver needed, transformational vaccines and medicines to patients around the world who count on us every day. We’re looking for the world’s best talent to help us continue to discover and develop new medicines and vaccines to improve the lives of billions of people. 

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Digital & Tech

Digital & Tech

Digital & Tech is powering GSK into a future where, together with science and our talent, we continue to get ahead of disease. We use technology to deliver what matters most, better and faster. Whether it’s life-saving medicines or life-enhancing products, Tech at GSK helps scale and accelerate our expertise. To lead the industry in discovering, developing, and commercialising an exciting pipeline of new products.


A career in Boston

Get to know Kelsey as she shares her journey, experiences, and the meaningful work she does every day.


A career in Boston

Hear from Ram as he shares his insights to the future of GSK and what he looks forward to in his career.


A career in Boston

Being her authentic self keeps Victoria motivated. Hear more about why she joined GSK.

More from our leaders

Role at GSK: Senior Vice President and Global Head Vaccines R&D and Infectious Disease Research

Located in: Waltham

Joined GSK on: December 2021

"INNOVATION IS OUR STORY. We’re thrilled to be part of this community in Cambridge and the Greater Boston area, where the brightest in biotech share our belief that by uniting science, technology and talent and working together, we can drive innovation and be ambitious for patients. Big ideas will help us prevent disease and make people’s lives better. I’m especially excited about our growing R&D footprint here and the experts we are bringing together to foster collaboration, expand our technologies and broaden our pipeline."

Role at GSK: Executive Director, Head of Encoded Technologies | Molecular Modalities Discovery

Located in: Cambridge Park Drive

Joined GSK on: November 2018

"GSK’s investments in cutting-edge technology to enable drug discovery was a key factor in my decision to join GSK. I’m proud to lead a team of outstanding scientists who apply our DNA-encoded library (DEL) technology to challenging targets and who continue to push the boundaries of what is possible with DEL technology."

Role at GSK: Vice President, Vaccine Development Lead and Binney Street Site Head, Vaccines R&D

Located in: Binney Street

Joined GSK on: August 2022

“I have seen this area flourish into a thriving industry and biotech hub, where the talent pool excels and innovation knows no bounds. Witnessing this growth has been truly inspiring.”

Role at GSK: Head of Innovation and Partnerships | Oligonucleotide Sciences - Molecular Modalities Discovery

Located in: Cambridge Park Drive

Joined GSK on: January 2007

"I'm proud to be part of the GSK team in Boston, where we're building a modern facility for our Oligonucleotide Sciences team. We're at the forefront of therapeutic oligonucleotide development, using advanced bioinformatics, AI/ML, chemistry, and biology to discover and optimize transformative medicines. Our commitment to revolutionizing healthcare and bringing these future medicines to patients drives us every day. It's an honor to contribute to this cutting-edge field and make a meaningful impact on patients' lives."

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Our presence in Greater Boston contributes to the local biotech space through various collaborations and partnerships. These collaborations foster an environment of innovation and knowledge exchange, benefiting both GSK and the broader scientific community in Greater Boston. The city's vibrant ecosystem provides a wealth of networking opportunities, allowing you to connect with industry leaders, investors, and potential collaborators.

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