Charitable grants

At GSK, we go beyond discovering, developing, and delivering new medicines, vaccines, and healthcare products. That’s why we are committed to supporting nonprofits in the communities where we live and work.

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Grant Programs

Across the US, we invest our charitable funds with nonprofit organizations that are doing good for people in need in the communities where we live and work. We invest in equitable STEM education, community health and disaster response.

Community investment, charitable registrations and grants are reviewed and approved by invitation only. Organizations based in the US with a 501(c)(3) IRS designation that meet GSK's open grant program eligibility guidelines will be invited to submit a request for a charitable grant at


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GSK IMPACT Awards support and reward small- to mid-sized nonprofit organizations in Greater Philadelphia and in the Triangle Region of North Carolina that are improving community health through the social determinants of health.

Registrations for 2023 are no longer being accepted. Learn more about the GSK IMPACT Awards

GSK STEM equity

GSK STEM equity grants support nonprofit organizations working to address inequity in STEM education and career pathways in Philadelphia. Grant opportunities are by invitation.

Philadelphia STEM Equity Collective. Learn more about GSK STEM Equity Grants.

Note: GSK US Charitable Investments does not sponsor fundraising or other events.

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Disaster Relief

GSK will invite national and local nonprofits to apply for grant opportunities should a disaster occur.

Eligibility guidelines

As a matter of policy, GSK US Charitable Investments charitable grants are restricted to the following:

  • Grants are provided for charitable purposes only and not for general operating expenses (core funding) or capital building costs.
  • Grants are not made to individuals or given to political, religious, fraternal, profit-making, discriminatory, hobby-oriented, or tax-subsidized organizations. Grants are not made to organizations that do not align with the GSK nondiscrimination policy.
  • Ineligible organizations include GSK customers or affiliates of customer organizations/institutions. Examples of ineligible organizations include but are not limited to academic medical centers, foundations of customer organizations, clinics, hospitals, payers, wholesalers, and retailers. Note that certain departments within universities that also have academic medical centers may be eligible.
  • GSK US Charitable Investments charitable grants are not made and cannot be used to influence or promote the use of GSK products.

Visit our to see if your organization qualifies. Community Investment/Charitable Contributions registrations/grants are reviewed/approved by invitation only. Questions about GSK charitable grants can be directed to GSK US Charitable Investments staff at our new email