We are leaders in HIV, focused on ending the global epidemic. We have an industry-leading pipeline, driven by patient insights.

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Our global specialist HIV company, ViiV Healthcare, is fully dedicated to leaving no person living with HIV behind. 

What inspires us to be innovators and disruptors? It’s the 38 million people living with HIV around the world. Our mission is to leave no person living with HIV behind and that’s why we won't stop innovating

Deborah Waterhouse

CEO, ViiV Healthcare

Our goal is to minimize the impact of HIV on people’s lives by treating, preventing and ultimately curing the disease. To achieve this, we are developing HIV treatment and prevention options that have the potential to greatly reduce the number of medicines a person living with HIV takes, in some cases down from every day to only six days each year.

We seek and include patient and provider insights in both our pipeline and portfolio strategies. We have more than 50 active collaborations worldwide with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government agencies, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations. In addition to our active collaborations, we support more than 200 studies around the world, accelerating our ability to develop a robust and diverse pipeline for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Our innovative partnerships

We have an exclusive licensing agreement with Shionogi for a third-generation integrase inhibitor, a pre-clinical candidate that will give us the potential to offer medicines with longer dosing intervals than the current standard of care.

We have also announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Halozyme for its drug delivery technology. By creating a temporary expansion under the skin, increased volumes of medicine can be delivered without pain or discomfort. This technology gives us the potential to increase dosing intervals from every two months to as long as six months.

Our ultimate goal remains to find a cure for HIV. We are continuing to progress our unique industry/academic partnership with the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill through our jointly-owned QURA Therapeutics.

Our community work in the US

We take a holistic approach to HIV and AIDS by developing and supporting sustainable community programs in the US – with and for those most disproportionally impacted by HIV.

Our Positive Action programs take an innovative approach to HIV by supporting community programs that disrupt disparities in HIV care. Since 2010, through our Positive Action Community Grants, we’ve provided more than $80 million to 200+ community-based organizations in 120+ communities across the US and Puerto Rico.

We also have a long-standing history of and commitment to fighting the stigma that people living with HIV face through our Cultural Initiatives. This dual approach to community engagement informs all that we do and ensures we reach communities hardest hit by HIV across the country.