PRIME Purpose

We’ve put a lot of work into building a diverse workforce here at GSK but we are challenging ourselves to achieve even more. The reality is, we can’t include those who aren’t there. Our new program, Pharma Research Immersion and Medical Experience (PRIME), is designed to continue enhancing our talent pool. This summer, we’ve invited medical students, specifically targeting Historically Black Colleges and Universities, to venture into a deep dive into our world.   

We’re reaching into the areas of life science and pharmaceuticals to introduce students in a meaningful way. Because this is a first for us – we’ve decided to take you along the journey over the ensuing weeks by way of this blog. Make no mistake, it’s taken some time and effort to get here so we’re excited to share this experience.

Here’s the basic structure. Each student has a set of mentors, a healthy set of reference materials and a schedule of in-depth lectures that run the gamut from proof-of-concept trials to cell therapy to small molecule screening. They’ll be shadowing staff and working on their own presentations. We’ve planned social events and shared some of the great community efforts already scheduled at our Upper Providence location such as a blood drive and Juneteenth celebration.

I have to thank all of the volunteers who stepped up in a big way to get us here. Our dedicated committee of Allen Oliff, Gina Wilkerson, Lamont Terrell, Marcia Bryan and Sophia Goodison has been organizing, aligning and planning for months. We had around 60 people willing to share their expertise in lectures, we have more than 40 scheduled! Along the way, we’ve been encouraged and cheered on by our leaders.

Not everyone gets a chance to mold the next generation of diverse and inclusive scientists, doctors and researchers but that’s exactly what we’re aiming for – not just for GSK but for the industry as a whole. The next few weeks will be busy so stay tuned for more posts coming your way!"

headshot of Jeremy Sokolove

Jeremy Sokolove

SVP, Head of Clinical Pharmacology and Experimental Medicine