Inspiring the next generation of scientists

Kids learn best when the lesson is hands-on and creative.

We’ve used salad centrifuges to learn about the components of (simulated) blood, a stocking to learn how food moves through intestines to understand how digestion works, cookies to learn the phases of the moon, UV-reflective beads and sunscreen to show the impact of the sun’s rays, and varied slime recipes to learn what makes them stretchy.

Having fun while exploring and experimenting impacts the way a child learns, builds confidence, and ignites a lifelong love of science. Our free Science in the Summer TM program invites children to play the role of biologist, zoologist, geneticist, chemist and discover the importance of all kinds of science. They learn how science is used in fields as varied as varied as medicine, manufacturing, art, and environmental conservation.

Our science education programs are focused on generating a STEM workforce through projects and activities that inspire young children to pursue careers in science, technology and math. This free science education program helps students learn to love science with hands-on experiments.