Celebrating our PRIDE since 1996

Established in 1996, our Spectrum Employee Resource Group (ERG) provides a supportive, nurturing forum for GSK's employees across the spectrum of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

The ERG supports GSK’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight ally employees and works with GSK to increase the awareness and understanding of issues and concerns that impact them.

Showing our PRIDE

Over the years, our Spectrum ERG has been at the forefront in supporting GSK’s inclusive culture.  Examples include: ensuring that our facilities and policy frameworks are designed to be inclusive in our target markets, responding proactively to changes in-country legislation on LGBT+ rights and offering internal training on topics such as how to be a great ally by leveraging Parents & Families of Lesbians and Gay’s (PFLAG) 40+ years of experience as the nation’s original ally organization.

Sharing our PRIDE

The work undertaken by our Spectrum ERG has had a significantly positive impact on GSK’s culture. GSK continues to be recognized on the Corporate Equality Index (CEI) Sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which is the definitive benchmarking tool on corporate practices and policies for LGBTQ+ workplace equality. Additionally, in 2020, the ERG spent time on Capital Hill with US policy makers to discuss how GSK’s culture and benefits have positively impacted the quality of life of many of our colleagues and employees.

In 2020, GSK joined the Human Rights Campaign’s  Business Coalition for the Equality Act, which creates federal legislation to provide the same basic protections to the LGBTQ community as are provided to other protected groups under federal law. 

Showing our Commitment with PRIDE after 25 Years

GSK supports the LGBTQ+ community and we aim to be an ally against discrimination faced by members of the community. We’re committed to an inclusive workplace where all employees feel a strong sense of belonging and can be his/her/their best and most authentic selves. 

We’re committed to continuing to do our part to call out discrimination in any form.