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Access to medicines

Husband and wife who has Lupus, Howard is Cathy's carer

GSK for You

Visit GSK for you for more information regarding our patient assistance programs.

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We are committed to helping patients access our medications, and have a long history of providing patient assistance programs to help them. We offer programs for patients who do not have insurance or who have Medicare Part D, and meet income and other eligibility requirements. In 2018, 126,000 patients received GSK medicines and vaccines through our US patient assistance programs, valued at a cost of goods of approximately $122 million.

GSK also offers co-pay assistance programs to help eligible patients with limited insurance coverage to have better access to GSK’s specialty medicines. Our co-pay assistance programs are for eligible patients who have prescription coverage, but who need extra help paying for selected GSK specialty medicines. 

We recognize that millions of people in the US remain uninsured or underinsured, and we are committed to supporting patient access to our medicines and vaccines and to responsibly pricing our products. GSK has a strong track record in responsibly pricing medicines and we are actively involved in creating solutions that allow for patients to have access to new scientific breakthroughs. When establishing our prices in the US, we strive for a fair and appropriate balance that rewards innovation while ensuring appropriate access for patients.

Please visit to learn about pricing information for our medicines advertised on TV.