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Meet our apprentices

Hear from our apprentices and why they chose our program.

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Christina, Biochemist Associate

I enjoy having an abundant of different learning opportunities; every day I am able to see and learn something new. Everyone at GSK understands the apprenticeship is a learning opportunity and is willing to answer any questions I have.

Biochemist associate

I applied for the apprentice program because I have a love for science, helping people, and continually challenging myself.  

The best part of the apprentice program is how much room for growth and improvement there is.  When I get too comfortable with my workload there is always someone I can ask for more work or someone I can help with their workload.  I enjoy how continually challenging this roll is and how my team is always willing to help me understand the tasks or processes they are doing.

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Erick, Logistics Coordinator

What I enjoy most about this apprenticeship is learning from so many different people. A lot of people who work for GSK are very knowledgeable in the field they are working in.

Erick Logistics

I like how I can ask anyone here any question and can get a firm answer, making me learn more every day. Another thing I enjoy about this apprenticeship, is having standard work. This helps me get comfortable being at GSK and helps me accomplish so much more with the responsibility that I have.

The apprenticeship offers me a lot of experience. This apprenticeship gives me the opportunity to work with others who are very knowledgeable in what they do. I learn something new every day and I also get to switch in and out of roles to get that experience of learning different positions.

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Ethan, Maintenance Electrician

I choose the apprenticeship at GSK because It provides me with the opportunity to further my education.

Ethan - apprentice

Being an apprentice works well with me because I have always been a hands-on learner. This program combines both in the classroom learning with on the job training. GSK has given me all the tools to excel in an exciting profession.

What has been the most enjoyable part of his apprenticeship so far?

What I enjoy the most about working for GSK is the endless opportunity that they have provided me with. Through this apprenticeship I will receive a college degree along with countless hours of experience in the field. I would highly recommend this to anybody expressing interest in a trade with a great future.

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Jessica, Logistics Coordinator

I decided to go down the apprenticeship route because I wanted to further my career and put myself into a higher-level job.

Jessica Logistics

I also wanted to further my education at the same time in an area that has lots of opportunity and growth available. I believe there are many opportunities that this apprenticeship offers, the biggest one being a career with GSK. A certificate in Global Supply Chain Logistics will also look great on my record, whatever I choose to do with it.

I believe this apprenticeship offers me the opportunity to meet many successful people, learn from them, increase my knowledge on the topic, all while improving people’s lives around the world.

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Karly, Biochemist Associate

The thing I enjoy most about the apprentice program is that I am constantly surprised by the advanced technology and methods used in the labs and on the production floor.

Apprentices Karly

It is absolutely astounding! I cannot wait to be trained on the intricacies on these technologies and be able to use them to complete my work here at GSK!

I applied to the apprentice program so that I could have firsthand experience on how important this type of work is outside of my classroom studies. Instead of reading how a process takes place in a textbook, I can be a part of that process at GSK. Not only does it help me better understand my studies, but it goes further. By being a part of this program and going to my classes at the same time, I have gone steps ahead of what I thought I could accomplish this early into my career.

The best part about the apprentice program is 100% the people involved. The people here at GSK are absolutely amazing! Everyone is so kind and willing to teach and help me understand the processes that are going on, and even how the technology being used works to the finest detail. Not only are they so knowledgeable, but they are funny, relatable, and caring. The people truly bring this program to life.

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Nancia, Biopharmaceutical Associate

I already started a few classes in my Community college as a Biotech major when I applied for this program. I was always fascinated about this field and couldn’t wait to start my journey in one of the biotech companies in the area where I live.

Apprentices Nancia

I love the fact that there are endless possibilities of what we can achieve in this industry and all I was looking for is to be a part of it.

As I searched for entry level jobs, I came across the GSK Apprenticeship Program. I didn’t know what apprenticeship was at first. I kept reading each line in the descriptions and with my draw dropping I couldn’t believe that a program like this even existed. With this program I will have the opportunity to finish my Associate degree, which is going to be fully funded. As well as, getting my feet starting to work in the field with “NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED” and becoming a full-time employee at GSK. I couldn’t ask for more. It just sounded too good to be true. Without any hesitation I applied and hoped for the best. Now I can tell you that it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

What I really enjoy so far as an apprentice is having the on-the-job learning. Each day is an exciting day of gaining new knowledge and building my skills in different preps and procedures. It is awesome to work with senior associates and mentored by them. On top of that, the ability to network with many associates has been my highlight. This Biopharmaceutical Apprenticeship program itself allows me to go through each stages of manufacturing, this means that along the road I will meet and work with more other people which I found fantastic. One great thing that I’ve been taught and applied here as well was developing a continuous improvement mindset. This really changed my visions on looking at things around me and helped me in terms of personal development. I really believe that this apprenticeship at GSK is an incredible opportunity to start a successful career.

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Trevis, Maintenance Engineering Tech, Apprentice Alumnus

I chose to do the apprenticeship with GSK because it offers me an opportunity to experience different areas of the engineering field.

Apprentice Trevis

By the time I complete the program I will be a well-rounded engineer. One of the most important things I have learned is that here at GSK one of our main values is there is a person at the end of our supply chain and my work impacts that person.

We have to be focused on them by providing the best in Safety, Quality, Sustainability, and Assurance of Supply. Two highlights for me as a manufacturing apprentice is I have the ability to work with many people from a number of different backgrounds and occupations. Also, I get to apply what I am learning in school to what I am learning on the job at GSK.

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Rebecca, Manufacturing Technician

The thing I enjoy most about the apprenticeship is getting to learn new things, both practical on the job items, and school-based learning.

Rebecca Manufacturing

The reason I decided to do an apprenticeship is because gives me the opportunity to reach multiple goals simultaneously. It allows me the opportunity to continue pursuing education and gives me the opportunity to learn new skills in a practical environment. The apprenticeship not only offers training and schooling, it builds a solid foundation upon which I can build a career.

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Zeru, Metrology Technician, Apprentice Alumnus

I chose the apprenticeship with GSK because it allowed me to go back to college for what I was originally studying.

Zeru - Apprentice

It presented me a rare opportunity to further my education and build a career within a global organization.

The best part so far is being able to see things on-site and being able to connect them with lessons in the classroom and vice-versa. Being the first apprentice at my site, I have met a lot of great people who want to help me succeed anyway they can. From this, I’ve learned that this opportunity not only affects me, but my colleagues, future apprentices, and of course, our patients at the end of the supply chain.

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