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Brian Johns goes boldly for people living with HIV

There are over 36 million people living with HIV around the world with an estimated 70% who are not adequately treating the virus.

That is why we have scientists across both GSK and ViiV Healthcare who are dedicated to finding new medicines to improve outcomes for people living with HIV and understanding how best to prevent and treat the virus.

One of those scientists is Brian Johns.

On a daily basis I think about patients and what they really need. There’s no other reason for doing this.

Brian Johns HIV scientist in the lab

Brian knows that even though we’ve seen significant advances in HIV therapy, until we have a cure we must remain vigilant in our work. This is why he has spent his career in the lab researching and discovering molecules in hopes that he can find the basis for a new and important drug. Brian led a team in developing a new medicine, which is now widely used worldwide to treat HIV infection.  But his research continues – with a focus on creating a drug that will cure HIV, not just treat the symptoms.

Brian’s passion and the reason he fights for people living with HIV is being showcased in a new series sponsored by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA).

Brian represents all of our dedicated GSK and ViiV Healthcare staff who go boldly every day to further scientific advances in an effort to improve the lives of millions of people living with HIV. Watch Brian's Go Boldly Pharma feature.

Learn more about PhRMA’s GoBoldly campaign at and or follow #GoBoldly on social media channels.