Despite progress to fight malaria, millions of people continue to suffer every year. We’re helping by researching medicines and vaccines, supporting community prevention and health worker training and strengthening access to medicines.

We know there is significant frustration in the US regarding the cost of healthcare – including prescription medicines. We take this very seriously, as evidenced by our pricing track record.

Insurance coverage can be challenging, financial circumstances can change quickly, and sometimes patients need assistance paying for their prescription medications or vaccines.

We often hear of humanitarian work in other parts of the world, but here in the United States there is real need as well. Around 47 million in the US live in poverty.

When it comes to improving access to healthcare in Africa, markets matter. From pharmaceutical companies to small clinics, an interconnected private market complements public sector services to help patients receive the healthcare they need, when and where they need it.

How does art tell the story of vaccines in a different way than other communications media?

There are surprising similarities between an artist beginning a new work and a researcher on a quest to develop a vaccine.

Find out how our scientists have adapted an ingredient from a GSK mouthwash into a potentially life-saving gel for newborns in developing countries.

GSK's on-going efforts to strengthen healthcare infrastructure in the most affected countries.

Find out more about malaria and the life cycle of the parasites that cause it.

By the time the second hand on your watch has circled its dial, a child will have died of malaria.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen a significant shift with organizations and individuals across the US healthcare system coming together to deliver, and reward, better value in healthcare.

In developing countries, millions of people have no access to even the most basic healthcare services, including safe and effective medicines.

Our global commitment to helping ensure health for all is built on developing innovative medicines and vaccines and making sure they’re accessible to people around the globe.

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