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Independent clinical studies

At GSK, we carry out a large number of studies on our products and we make this information available in a range of ways.

But we also recognize that there are investigators from other healthcare institution or other forms of medical network who have scientific questions and will seek our support to conduct this work. The majority of these requests relate to our products, but some research proposals might be diseased-based or with another focus. We refer to these as investigator-sponsored studies (ISS) and are open to applications for support.

Basis of support

We only support proposals that have a legitimate scientific purpose. The decision to support a study proposal is based on the importance of the research objectives to medical science and patient care, the scientific rationale for the proposed methodology, and the ability of the study sponsor to deliver a high-quality ethical study. 

We do not support studies in order to reward healthcare professionals for using, purchasing, recommending, or prescribing GSK products or to persuade them to do so by supporting the proposed research. For more our approach to working with healthcare professionals on research, read engaging with healthcare professionals.

We have an online system that enables researchers to create an account and submit study proposals. This site has been created to facilitate more timely reviews and decisions, and to allow users to follow the progress of their submission. 

This portal automatically routes proposals to the appropriate GSK medical personnel based on the therapy area, GSK product, and country specified in the on-line proposal form.  Once received, all proposals are reviewed by GSK personnel to evaluate our ability and desire to support the proposed research.    

Go to the ISS study website to register and submit a proposal.