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Intern coop - Keerthi

Data Science Co-Op

Student FAQs

What are the eligibility requirements to apply?

In order to be eligible, you must:

  • Have active student status in a Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA or PhD program and/or within 12 months post-graduation from a non-professional degree program.  PhD graduates are not eligible for placement  in the Intern and Co-op Program. Opportunities for PhDs can be found on GSK’s website
  • Students must be available to work full-time throughout the internship or co-op.
  • You must meet the GPA requirement for the position you are applying to. Please refer to the job description for the GPA requirement.
  • Must successfully pass a drug screen and background check prior to assignment target start date.
  • Responsible for providing own funding for relocation and commuting.

Can I apply to more than one posting?

Absolutely! We understand that there may be more than one position, that fits your skill set. If you are qualified for a position we encourage you to apply.

When will I hear about my application?

You will receive several notifications as you progress through the process including: confirmation that your application was received, notification if your resume was submitted to the Manager for review, if you are selected for an interview or if you did not qualify for the position and the Manager will be moving forward with other candidates. Communications are delivered to the email address you provided when you registered on the GSK job posting site. An Applicant Tracking System is utilized to issue these emails so, please be sure to check your inbox or spam folder frequently.

How can I get feedback regarding my interview?

Some Managers will provide us with feedback shortly after the interview is completed, then we will forward to you.

After the interview, when will I hear if I'm being offered the position?

When the manager selects a final candidate, an offer letter will be issued immediately. Keep in mind that managers are normally interviewing multiple candidates with different schedules, so timeframes can vary. When a position has been offered to another candidate, we will notify the remaining candidates  that they are no longer being considered for the role. 

Does GSK/Atrium provide relocation or transportation assistance?

Program policy states that neither GSK nor Atrium will provide any financial assistance for relocation or transportation. Please be sure that you are willing to cover all costs relating to accepting the position, but keep in mind that internships and co-ops are paid positions. If you are selected for a position, you will receive a document with housing options and transportation to help get you started with your search.

If offered a role, how do I manage my day to day responsibilities while on assignment?

At the beginning of your internship/co-op assignment, responsibilities, daily tasks and a project plan will be defined by your supervisor with additional input provided by other team members on occasion. If at any time you are unclear about your work responsibilities you should direct your inquiries to the GSK team, and keep in mind that Atrium is your employer of record and available for any HR or payroll service questions that your may have.