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Irene smiling

Controlled asthma, to me, means freedom

Patients give a voice to living with asthma in this video from GSK and the CHEST Foundation

One of the main goals of asthma management is to allow people to pursue their regular activities without interference from their asthma symptoms. In 2016, GSK conducted a national survey with more than 1,000 people with an asthma control test score between 5 and 19, which is defined as uncontrolled asthma. Roughly 70% of people in the survey with uncontrolled asthma, who believed their asthma was under control, reported that their condition holds them back from doing things they’d like to do.

Controlling asthma can be a challenge, but for many, the goal of pursuing favorite activities is achievable. 

Three courageous patients, Irene, a digital sales manager, Christina, a medical assistant, and Cynthia, a retired public-school teacher, shared their stories of battling to take back control of their asthma and their lives.

Cynthia, Irene and Christina

Using resources like those available on, other people with asthma can be better equipped to take proactive steps to better control symptoms.

With action plans and support of their physicians, each one of the women has been able to return to the lives they want to lead – whether it’s walking in the park, playing with their grandchildren or taking care of their pets.

“I just don’t allow my asthma to really dominate my life on a day-to-day basis. It’s a part of who I am. It’s a part of my DNA. I can’t deny it. It’s never going to go away, but all I can do is work on having some level of control over it. I control it. I’m not allowing it to control me.”

Watch the full GSK-CHEST FOUNDATION video