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Navy Yard office

GSK Navy Yard: Where we do more with less

30% less energy, 50% less water almost a 90% reduction in paper use.

The old way of working – cubicles, offices, walls – doesn’t work for us anymore. Today, coming to work at GSK means entering a healthy, stimulating environment designed to encourage movement and collaboration (what we call “SMART working”). This is how we do it at GSK.

Nearly 900 employees in the Navy Yard work in open work spaces and in a variety of settings that encourage collaboration and movement throughout the day. The essential component of our workplace design is choice. Employees choose where they want to work at any particular time throughout the day, with options ranging from quiet to collaborative and relaxed to formal.

Navy Yard workspace
Flexible workspaces for collaborating at the Navy Yard

We are at the forefront of work space design with our four-story, 208,000 square foot, glass-skinned, double LEED® Platinum-rated building in the Philadelphia Navy Yard. Our site – one of the greenest in the US – is designed to transform the way we work and has also helped us realize substantial energy savings. Within our first six months of opening, we realized a 30% decrease in energy use, 50% decrease in water use and a close to 90% reduction in paper use.

The Navy Yard office is one of two corporate hubs in the US. Along with the Research Triangle Park, Navy Yard houses our marketing, communications, finance, IT, HR, sales, administration, and other corporate functions.

It’s more than an office – it’s a place where we interact with our colleagues and do our best work, every day so that we can ultimately serve patients better.

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