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Helping patients in need

Insurance coverage can be challenging, financial circumstances can change quickly, and sometimes patients need assistance paying for their prescription medications or vaccines. 

Helping patients access the GSK medicines and vaccines they need is critically important to us and aligns with our value of being a patient-focused company.

Paying for your prescription

For those patients in the US who are eligible, we help them:

Throughout 2016, we provided prescribed medicines and vaccines valued at $110 million, to more than 137,000 patients.

  • 137,000 patients

    were provided prescribed medicines and vaccines valued at $110 million in 2016

Simplifying the process

In 2016, we integrated several programs into one GSK Patient Assistance Program and streamlined the process into a few easy steps. Emily, who leads our US patient assistance programs, spearheaded this effort.

Circumstances can change quickly and sometimes you can find yourself needing help to afford healthcare treatments, including prescriptions or immunizations. The last thing patients need during this stressful time is to navigate a complicated and bureaucratic system. Over the last year, we simplified the GSK Patient Assistance Program and consolidated information under one website so patients can more easily navigate our programs, determine eligibility and access their treatments at no cost.

This article is part of a series on our responsible business in the US.