Our people

Clinical Trials: Q&A with Murray Stewart

Dr. Murray Stewart is our Chief Medical Officer. In this role, he is the most senior physician at GSK, and has overall responsibility for patient well-being across vaccines, pharmaceutical and consumer medicines. He also oversees medical ethics and integrity.

Patients & consumers

Clinical trials: a patient's view

In 2009 John Patrick Murphy, a 68 year old trial lawyer from Colorado, took a run-of-the-mill fall, which caused him a great deal of pain in his leg.


Data transparency

We have a long-standing commitment to data transparency.


Can iPhones change how we monitor and improve patient health?

Since 2014, we’ve been transforming the way we do research using digital technologies and channels to improve the efficiency of our research, and to improve patient care.


The race to richer data in clinical trials

That’s why we’re working with a range of partners, including the McLaren Technology Group and Medidata, to find new ways to use biosensors and mobile health platforms to improve patient care.

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