RSS feeds

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds are an easy way of finding out when we have updated certain parts of our website (such as press releases), without having to visit the website itself.

How do I use RSS feeds?

You will need an RSS news reader or an RSS-compatible browser (such as Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Opera or Safari) that will update the feed for you automatically.

News readers are either web-based or can be downloaded from the Internet, often for free.

What RSS feeds does GSK offer?

We currently offer RSS feeds for our press releases.

GSK US RSS news feed GSK news (press releases)

How do I sign up for GSK RSS feeds?

If you are using a compatible browser, simply click on the orange RSS logo and subscribe to the feed from that page. If you are using a news reader, copy the address from the address bar in the browser into your news reader.

Terms of use

Please note that use of this service is subject to the standard legal notices of use for this website. Additionally, we do not endorse any specific web browser or news reader. We reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time.