Healthcare cost savings

Healthcare costs are an issue—for all of us. Getting sick carries with it a lot of concerns—Will I feel well again? Will I miss work? What about my family? How much will it cost? As healthcare costs have gone up, some patients feel that they have to do without medicines they need. That's why we offer savings programs and coupons in addition to the many programs available elsewhere.

There are many programs available to help-over 475-including more than 180 from companies like ours.1

You can take control of the cost of your medicines by following some basic tips.

Prescription savings programs

There are many discount prescription drug programs available—in fact, there are more programs for people under 65 than ever before, and seniors can get coverage for medicines under Medicare Part D.

We offer many of our medicines free or nearly free, if you qualify for help.

We also offer savings coupons for some medicines.

You have no prescription plan? Do you qualify for Medicare? There are many programs available from drug companies, nonprofit organizations, and the government.


  1. Partnership for Prescription Assistance. Accessed November 20, 2006.