As a truly global organization, we have operations in some 117 countries, including research, manufacturing, and corporate sites in the United States.


Philadelphia, PA

Located in Crescent Drive, Navy Yard is one of two large corporate headquarters in the US. Along with the Research Triangle Park located in Raleigh-Durham NC, Navy Yard houses our marketing, communications, finance, IT, HR, sales, administration, and other corporate functions.

Image of Navy Yard site
Research Triangle Park, NC

The Research Triangle Park campus, located between Raleigh and Durham, NC, is one of two large administrative headquarters in the US. The RTP campus is home to R&D facilities focused on metabolic and viral diseases, as well as microbials, musculoskeletal, and proliferate diseases. Along with Navy Yard in Philadelphia, RTP also houses sales and marketing, administrative, and corporate functions.

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Boston, MA

Our molecular discovery research facility near Boston focuses on the early part of the drug discovery process

Image of Boston site
Upper Merion, PA

The Research and Development center at Upper Merion (PA) contains chemical and biotechnology pilot plants, the research and genetics group, and a significant development presence. The site is the hub for the cardiovascular and urogenital diseases Center of Excellence for Drug Discovery (CEDD), and a satellite for the microbial, musculoskeletal, and proliferative diseases; the respiratory, inflammation and respiratory pathogen and the metabolic and viral diseases CEDDs.

Image of Upper Merion site
Upper Providence, PA

The research and development center at Upper Providence contains staff from medical (including data management), project management, product strategy, anti-infectives research, development, pharmaceutical technologies and chemical development, support, regulatory affairs and global marketing. The site will be the hub for the anti-bacterials & host defense CEDD and a satellite for the respiratory, inflammation & respiratory pathogens; and metabolic, bone & anti-virals CEDDs.

Image of Upper Providence site


Hamilton, MT

Hamilton is where we produce monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL), an adjuvant developed by Corixa. MPL is an essential ingredient in many of the new adjuvant systems developed by GSK Biologicals. We expect to increase Hamilton's production capacity soon, supplemented by a new building under construction at the Rixensart, Belgium site. The Hamilton site also carries out R&D.

Image of Hamilton site
Marietta, PA

This site is currently undergoing renovation and expansion to accommodate filling and lyophilization operations, and for developing a new cell culture-based flu vaccine.

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Pittsburgh, PA

Our Consumer Healthcare Offices  

Image of Pittsburgh site
Parsippany, NJ

The Parsippany Innovation Center is home to Consumer Healthcare employees from R&D and Future Group – our global marketing organization, the US business and several key global support functions. The site boasts five Innovation Hubs – unique, collaborative, brand-centric open space work environments that fuse superior science with consumer insight to drive growth on our global brands. Parsippany’s sister site, the Weybridge Innovation Centre, has three Innovation Hubs and is located in the UK.

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Consumer Healthcare Manufacturing

Aiken, SC
Image of Aiken site
Memphis, TN
Image of Memphis site
Oak Hill, NY
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St. Louis, MO
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Regional Pharma Supply Manufacturing

Bristol, TN
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Primary Supply Manufacturing

Conshohocken, PA
Image of Conshohocken site
Rockville, MD
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Zebulon, NC
Image of Zebulon site