Interview hints and tips

Prepare yourself:

  • Reread your résumé before the interview—you need to make sure you can demonstrate your areas of expertise with examples of your work
  • Practice your technique and get feedback from friends (this will also help avoid a case of nerves)
  • Your attitude: be positive, be enthusiastic, be natural—and be honest

Know your interviewer:

  • Find out as much as you can about GSK before your interview
  • If you're new to the pharmaceutical world, find out about it by reading newspapers and looking online
  • Anticipate the questions you may be asked—and think about how you'll answer them
  • Come up with a few of your own questions for the interviewer (they will ask if you have any questions)
  • Check the format of the interview—will there be any personality or skills testing?

At the interview:

  • First impressions are vital—make the most of them. Look the interviewer in the eye; smile; identify yourself clearly (Remember that positive attitude)
  • Guide the interviewer toward a discussion of your strengths
  • Show you've done your research on the company or the industry—if you have a chance, you can mention some relevant facts you've discovered
  • If you're asked a difficult question, don't feel you have to answer immediately—take your time and think about your response
  • Keep your answers short
  • Answer confidently