Scientific R&D

Combining global coverage with small, therapeutically aligned research units, our R&D organization enjoys the advantages of size and efficiency. Our size enables us to screen upwards of a million compounds in the hunt for novel drug targets. In later stages, we can conduct large, late-stage clinical trials on a global scale.

Genetics research

Through genetic research, we hope to find reliable ways of predicting patients' responses to medicines, and to identify genes that confer susceptibility to common diseases. Studying disease processes at a genetic level also enables us to identify new drug targets—and ultimately develop safer, more effective treatments.

Discovery research

An early step in creating new medicines is finding compounds that interfere with the mechanisms of disease. Our discovery research scientists generate compounds that are likely candidates for further development into medicines. Drawing upon their expertise in chemistry and biology they work with some of the most advanced, automated technologies available today.

Drug discovery

Our Centers of Excellence for Drug Discovery (CEDDs) enable scientists to take charge of their own research direction. Studying disease mechanisms targeted for treatment, identifying drug candidates, and exploring effects of the most promising compounds, they collaborate with colleagues across the company to transform promising compounds into useful medicines.

Preclinical development

As well as supplying chemicals for developing drug formulations used in clinical trials, the preclinical development researchers investigate dosage form and research ways to enhance a drug's effectiveness. In addition, this division develops processes and analytical methods for synthesis, formulation, and delivery, as well as enhancements throughout the product's lifecycle.