Providing guidance on company law, intellectual property, environmental health & safety, risk management, and security through a strong account management network, the corporate legal function leads our commitment to high standards of integrity and compliance with the law.

Corporate secretariat

Supporting the GlaxoSmithKline board, we offer wide-ranging legal, corporate governance, disclosure, organizational, and administrative expertise.

Corporate insurance and risk management

Charged with identifying and evaluating potential financial exposure, we advise on the development of a loss provision philosophy and policy. We also establish monetary provision for uninsured exposure and arrange insurance as required.

Corporate intellectual property

We protect our innovations, securing patents and trademarks to defend them against challenges, as well as ensuring that our products don't infringe patents or trademarks owned by others.

Corporate security and investigations

Besides coordinating security issues, standards and advice, we develop policy and training programs, monitor threats, and investigate any criminal acts.

Environment, health and safety

Working with every part of the wider business, we aim to deliver sustainable competitive business advantage through leadership and excellence in environment, health, and safety.

Legal operations

The different legal operations departments provide legal advice and support to the GSK board, corporate functions, and major business sectors.