Information technology

With 3500 people at over 100 sites in 68 countries, IT makes it possible for every employee in the company to perform the countless tasks involved in delivering life-enhancing solutions.

Ours is a complex enterprise, involving a computer network that supports over 80,000 internal users and thousands more externally. IT enables our employees to:

  • Send 300,000 email and instant messages per day
  • Spend 100 million minutes in audio conferencing each year
  • Enroll in 40,000 training sessions (mostly online) every month

And that's just for starters—we also enable 30,000 salespeople to make countless calls every day, and help in the production and delivery of over four billion product packs in a single year.

We've created a culture of process management rather than bureaucracy. Here, you'll learn from those around you, developing yourself and others in the process—while continually striving to find new and better ways of doing things.