Engineering, procurement, strategy & global logistics

Technical and pharmaceutical engineering

Effective implementation of the latest technologies drives improvements in quality, supply and cost of the medicines and products that we manufacture. Technical and pharmaceutical engineering staff have responsibility to introduce and refine these new technologies across our network of sites.

Capital management

More than $1bn is spent each year in GSK on engineering and construction projects. Ensuring each of these projects delivers their benefits in-full, on-time and to planned cost is the responsibility of engineers in Capital Management.

Procurement and contract manufacturing

Our Global Procurement function spends billions of dollars every year sourcing the goods and services used by GSK. Their focus is on quality, cost and supply using on-line eSourcing to secure the best deal from suppliers around the world.

Strategy and Global Logistics

This group focuses on product supply and packaging strategies, the development and implementation of low cost supply plans, product sourcing, and the management of lifecycle principles and network efficiencies.

The global logistics team manages our supply chain by:

  • Enabling supply and demand across the links in the chain,
  • Providing warehousing and transportation, and
  • Managing pack and component portfolios