Corporate communications & community partnerships

This group is responsible for managing our corporate image and reputation, delivering consistent messages through a variety of media, and a strong account management network.

Corporate identity & communications

In addition to maintaining our corporate identity, this group manages this website and most internal communications, the company's intranet site, corporate publications and videos, advertising, and the company's image library. We also develop and implement the communications strategy, ensuring a consistent degree of clarity and transparency in all our internal communications with employees.

Corporate media

This group manages relationships with key media audiences, promotes the strength of our business, builds confidence in the R&D pipeline, and positions us as a leader in global healthcare solutions. This office provides clear, credible, and timely responses to issues with the potential to affect our corporate reputation.

Global community partnerships

Working in partnership with not-for-profit organizations, this group directs our charitable programs—tackling some of the greatest challenges facing society, such as malaria, lymphatic filariasis, HIV, and AIDS.

Corporate responsibility

Defining and implementing our strategic approach to corporate responsibility and reporting, this group plays an essential role in protecting the company's reputation and, ultimately, long-term shareholder value.

Corporate product communications

This group works closely with corporate media and investor relations to communicate pipeline product updates to analysts, investors, and the media. We also help to ensure global and regional PR efforts are fully in line with corporate requirements and delivering consistent messages.