Rasheeda, Therapeutic Specialty Representative at GSK Rasheeda


Therapeutic Specialty Representative

Why did you join GSK? What makes GSK a great place to work?

While researching GSK and other companies, I consistently learned positive things about GSK; friends who were in the industry and those who are physicians had great things to say about GSK. It was GSK’s positive and strong culture, respected representatives, and solid presence in the pharmaceutical industry that was held in such high regard. Further research on my part supported everything they expressed.

GSK demonstrated a strong presence in the market and a strong future. I have continued to develop my career here at GSK because there is consistent support for career development and despite the ever changing industry GSK continues to be an industry giant and leader, while maintaining a reputation that exceeds the industry average.

What have been the challenges in your role?

The greatest challenge within my role is an industry challenge and not one that is specific to GSK. Continuing to be successful is challenging enough, but there are also external influences that cannot be controlled by you or the company that you work with. In order to ensure that you continue to be successful, you have to first understand the change and then accept it as a part of your selling and working environment.

What have you learnt and enjoyed?

My greatest lesson that has been continuously reinforced is how to "lead without authority." This is a skill that I have grown to use more and more frequently as my tenure and experience have increased. My growing responsibility has helped me learn how to become a strong leader by example, while still effectively working in a team environment.

"I choose GSK because of their strength and respect in the market."

What responsibility and progression have you experienced so far?

I have been promoted to both a Senior and Executive Pharmaceutical Representative and most recently an Executive Therapeutic Sales Representative during my six year career here at GSK. Throughout these transitions, I have also completed several rotations including an Associate Recruiter Rotation, Field Sales Coach, Mentor, Associate Trainer, Field Analyst, and the National Lovaza Advisory Board.

What are your career aspirations and how do you see GSK supporting that?

I have a great interest in becoming a part of the Product Management team here within GSK. My current role has helped and continues to prepare me for a future with the marketing team.

In addition, I had an opportunity to spend time with a brand management team as well as to determine different attributes and qualities that will help secure my future. This was a very unique but greatly appreciated opportunity that was granted to me by my regional management team and our Regional Vice President. It is a resounding example of just how supportive direct and senior management are.

"GSK's reputation is very well known and respected in both the pharmaceutical and medical communities."

How would you describe GSK’s company culture?

GSK is a company that has a strong and positive company culture from hiring representatives, that strengthen its reputation as an ethical company, to creating programs that promote and enhance a positive work-life balance.

What would be the 3 main points you would sell to prospective applicants interested in GSK?

  • GSK always considers the best interest of the majority of its employees when making tough decisions.
  • GSK continues to demonstrate great diversity within the company and makes considerable efforts to ensure that its employees are sensitive to the diverse needs and beliefs of its employees and customers.
  • GSK’s Senior and middle management ensures there are opportunities to develop and advance your career.