Heath, Raw Materials Chemist at GSK Heath


Raw Materials Chemist

Why did you join GSK? What makes GSK a great place to work?

I loved the location of the Biologicals facility in Hamilton, MT. There’s nothing better than looking out your window from your desk and seeing the Bitterroot Mountains. It was exciting to see how fast they were growing and how much effort was being put into this site. I knew there would be many opportunities.  I’m a big outdoors kind of guy. With this site growing and being located in the middle of outdoors heaven, it was really a no brainer for me to join.

What have been the challenges in your role?

Coming from a smaller company to a larger one, I wasn’t familiar with the work style. It was very overwhelming at first, but everyone here is really supportive in helping you learn quickly.

What have you learnt and enjoyed?

It’s easy to see that GSK is dedicated to making this site successful.  We are always looking for ways to improve and are provided with some of the best technology available.  It’s exciting to learn how to use the newest technology. 

" Management never stops finding ways to help you improve yourself as an individual and professional. "

What responsibility and progression have you experienced so far?

In a short amount of time I was fully trained and was taking on more responsibilities every day.  My supervisor and I built a strong relationship right away and she has trusted me to take on more challenges.

What are your career aspirations and how do you see GSK supporting that?

I just want to continue to learn and help improve GSK by staying on top of modern techniques and efficiencies. GSK is always finding ways to help you further your knowledge, through training, lessons, and classes from all over the world.

"I am really excited when coming to work every day."

How would you describe GSK’s company culture?

It’s a family type atmosphere and everyone here is determined to keep it that way. There really aren’t many places like this anymore. It seems like you get a discount on just about everything, (gym membership, cell phone service, etc.)  GSK is keen on building great relationships within co-workers, which promotes teamwork.

What would be the 3 main points you would sell to prospective applicants interested in GSK?

  • Friendly atmosphere
  • Great benefits
  • Vast opportunities