Franky, IT Director at GSK Franky


IT Director

Why did you join GSK? What makes GSK a great place to work?

GSK is a great company that enables patients to have a better quality of life and constantly delivers new medicines that benefit mankind. I joined GSK 19 years ago as an IT Analyst. I have worked in R&D, USP, and Corporate, and now I am a Director in Global Shared Applications. This exemplifies why GSK is a large and diverse company with many development opportunities.

What have you learnt and enjoyed?

GSK provides opportunities for me to learn about the pharmaceutical business, to manage large-scale projects, and to apply the latest technologies to improve employee productivity. In particular, I find the application of Six Sigma and IT to solve complex business problems very satisfying.

" I have progressed from an IT Analyst to a Director. "

What are your career aspirations and how do you see GSK supporting that?

I would like to continue my progression of increasing responsibilities in GSK. Furthermore, I believe process improvement (Six Sigma), in combination with technology, can provide GSK with a real competitive edge. Thus, I would like to see GSK apply more process improvement and technological solutions to improve R&D, S&M, and manufacturing processes.

" I consider GSK one of the best companies to work for. "

How would you describe GSK’s company culture?

GSK is generous to its employees. We have excellent work/life balance and total reward programs that are best in class.

What would be the 3 main points you would sell to prospective applicants interested in GSK?

  • You get to work for an exciting company whose mission is to discover new medicines for mankind. You can be part of a legacy.
  • Generous total reward and work/life programs that are best in class.
  • A large company that offers many exciting career opportunities for any applicant who wants to learn and achieve.