Information Technology Development Program (ITDP)

“What really sets this program apart is the opportunity to develop as a leader not only in IT, but across the entire business.”

For the Greater Good:

As one of the largest pharmaceutical and consumer products companies in the world, there is no doubt that IT plays a pivotal and critical role in our ability to deliver on the mission of helping people the world over do more, feel better and live longer. At its core, IT is about bringing people and technology together, whether to enable processes, create greater efficiencies, solve complex business problems or offer “disruptive” ideas to better serve the challenges of our 90,000 employees and the millions more who rely on our therapies, medicines and products to extend and improve their lives.

Read the "Disruptive Intakes" feature from GSK's in-house magazine (180KB PDF).

For The Select Few:

We created a highly selective IT Development Program with the intention of identifying those few individuals with the business acumen, leadership qualities and technical savvy to make an impact now and as future business leaders. As a member of this very small group of ITDP Associates you’ll be given high profile projects, you’ll interact with our leaders and you’ll gain exposure across the widest possible spectrum of our business.

For your Career Progression:

We understand the importance of the pace and promise of your career progression. At GSK you’ll be given the exposure, opportunities, resources, mentors and custodians you need to progress at your own pace. We’ll provide you with the framework and then get out of your way as you move through four rotations in three years each offering you a new set of challenges and experiences.

For Now and the Future:

There is so much more we’d like to share with you about our program, our culture, our mission and what makes ITDP at GSK so compelling. Please visit the links provided to learn more.

Key Facts

  • Three-year Graduate Development Program
  • Must be permanently eligible to work in the United States.   Applicant must not require future sponsorship for an employment visa status.
  • BS or higher-level degree in IS/IT, Management Information Systems, or other related major.
  • Less than two years of work experience upon graduation of a bachelors or masters degree. 3.0 GPA or above

Recruitment Process

Recruitment for 2013 has started.

Please go to the job search for Students and Graduates and search for Future Leaders Program – IT Associate to apply for the program.


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