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Together we can make life betterOverview of Consumer Healthcare

Every day, we help millions of people smile brighter with one of our best-selling toothpaste brands. And over four million ex-smokers are facing a healthier future thanks to our products.

Our portfolio includes more than 30 over-the-counter brands including the leading stop-smoking products, Nicorette, Nicoderm CQ and Commit lozenges. Then there's a host of other medicine cabinet staples such as Aquafresh and Sensodyne, Polident and Super PoliGrip, plus Tums, Abreva and Ecotrin.

Our Business

We operate in five marketing arenas - Oral Care, Smoking Cessation, Gastrointestinal/Calcium, General OTCs and Rx-to-OTC Switch products.

Our Culture

Maintaining and developing such a great range of products takes plenty of hard work. But the rewards make it all seem worthwhile. There's a real sense of togetherness in the way we work, not to mention respect for all the different ideas that people bring to the table. And in return for all your efforts, we'll make sure you're given all the support you need to grow and develop your career.

What's great about working in Consumer Healthcare?

Our business is all about our brands. So imagine how proud you'll feel next time you go to the store and see your products on the shelf. After all, we don't just make the products - we're all consumers too. Plus it helps to know that the brands we work with enable other people to enjoy a healthier life.