Common questions

Q. What will happen to my details if I apply online?

A. If you're applying for a specific opportunity, HR will initially screen your application before forwarding it to the department concerned.

If you're using the Job Alert Service, your profile will be assessed against new openings, and you'll receive an email alert for those which match your requirements.

Q. How long before I'm eligible for financial benefits such as GSK shares?

A. Under TotalReward, you automatically become a member of our Retirement Savings Plan the moment you join. And after one year, you also become eligible for our Stock Ownership Account, Cash Balance Pension Plan and After-Tax Savings Programs.

Q. I'd like to move because I've become pigeon-holed. Will I suffer the same problem at GSK?

A. Read our employee profiles! As a world-leader in our sector, we're constantly generating new opportunities across our entire spectrum of disciplines, and we definitely don't view career development as a straight line. If your talents and ambitions lead you in a particular direction, we'll talk to you, support you, coach you and in short do everything we can to help. However much you achieve, there's always more to learn and further to grow.

Q. How easy is it to move between functions?

A. There are no barriers at all to prevent you switching between functions. There are plenty of examples of people who have established themselves in one role moving laterally in mid-career, to great success. If at some point you see a way that your skills could fit elsewhere in the organization, start by talking to your manager.

Q. What do I do if I have any technical problems with the application form?

A. Not all computer programs are wholly compatible with our online application form, and you may encounter difficulties with cutting and pasting. For a step-by-step guide to online application, go to Employment Opportunities.

Q. Do you have a structured development process?

A. Given the size, complexity, and global reach of our business, the avenues for developing your skills and your career are too numerous to be listed here. You can be assured, though, that personal development will always be a possibility, because we strongly believe in giving people the scope to set and realize their own goals. If you want to make the best of yourself, we'll encourage you all the way.

Q. What are GSK's core values?

A. We believe in performance with integrity, coupled with entrepreneurial spirit, a focus on innovation, a sense of urgency, and a passion for achievement.

We want to ensure that these principles guide everything we do; we strive to create a climate in which the best people can achieve to their full potential—and in turn can help millions of people around the world lead longer, healthier, and happier lives.