Sales and Marketing

In 2011, we became the first pharmaceutical company to de-couple the pay of our sales representatives in the US from the number of prescriptions issued.

Instead, GSK’s sales professionals who work directly with prescribing healthcare professionals are evaluated and rewarded primarily based on three factors: selling competency; customer evaluations; and the overall operating profit of our North America Pharmaceuticals business. This change aligns the performance measures and rewards with our values so doctors can be confident that our sales professionals are focused on improving patient health. Experiences in the last several years suggest that this more patient-focused approach has significantly improved both customer interactions and satisfaction rates with GSK’s US pharmaceutical business. 

In 2013, GSK announced that a similar approach will be extended globally to the 150 countries where GSK operates around the world. The aim is for this new compensation system to be in place in all of the countries GSK operates in by early 2015.

Reporting our relationships

No physician, researcher or healthcare company works in a silo. We need each other, and many others,to help move healthcare forward. For our part, we work with members of the healthcare community, such as treating physicians, clinical researchers, patients, professional associations and advocacy groups, etc., who are close to patients and understand both diseases and treatments. This collaboration is vital to our mission to help people do more, feel better and live longer. This collaboration may involve compensation for work performed, reimbursement for travel expenses, modest hospitality, a charitable donation, or a grant. We report these payments here.