Access to healthcare

Improving access to healthcare is one of society’s most pressing challenges. We are actively seeking new ways of delivering healthcare and making our products more available and affordable to people who need them, wherever they live.

Access in the US

In the US, we are committed to helping patients access our medications, and have a long history of providing a range of programs to help them. We have in place a number of patient assistance programs for patients who do not have insurance, and who meet certain income and eligibility requirements. In 2013, close to 200,000 patients received GSK medicines and vaccines through our US programs, valued at approximately $176 million. 

GSK also offers co-pay assistance programs to help eligible patients with limited insurance coverage to have better access to GSK’s oncology and specialty medicines. This co-pay assistance program is for eligible people who have prescription coverage, but who need extra help paying for selected cancer and specialty medicines. 

With new insurance options available for patients, GSK remains committed to supporting patient access to our medicines subject to eligibility requirements. 

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Access to Medicine Index

Recognizing our achievements in bringing access to healthcare, we have consistently ranked top in the Access to Medicines (ATM) Index since it began in 2008. The Index, published every two years, gives an independent assessment of pharmaceutical companies’ efforts to improve access. Our recent ranking as top of the 2012 ATM Index reflects our long-term commitment to bringing access to healthcare across the world.

Supporting healthcare

That’s why we reinvest 20% of the profits from sales of our pharmaceutical and consumer healthcare products in the world’s least developed countries to support healthcare infrastructures in those countries.

Through our partnerships with three major NGOs – AMREF, CARE International, and Save the Children, we are addressing the shortage of trained frontline healthcare workers. This will help bring the World Health Organization a step closer to achieving its goal of one million health workers in developing countries by 2015.

Working in partnership

We are working closely with all partners to ensure that health is an integral element of the post 2015 development agenda. For more information please see our Position statement on the post 2015 development agenda (PDF).

We work with UNICEF and GAVI to supply our medicines and vaccines globally so that price is not a barrier to access. Our agreements to supply our pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines to GAVI will contribute to the potential to immunize 250 million children by 2015.

We also continue to support the WHO objective of eradicating polio by 2018 by providing vaccines to UNICEF until this is achieved.

We established ViiV Healthcare with Pfizer in 2009. ViiV Healthcare is an independent company solely focused on the needs of people living with HIV. All GSK and Pfizer HIV medicines are marketed by ViiV healthcare, which is committed to delivering innovative treatments for people living with HIV wherever they are in the world.