Health for all

We are tackling some of the biggest global health challenges by promoting open innovation to meet unmet medical needs, making our medicines and vaccines more accessible, and strengthening healthcare systems.

Much of what influences our health happens outside the doctor’s office – in our communities.

Community factors, such as safety, access to healthy foods and recreational spaces, and the support of families and social networks, undeniably contribute to our health. At the same time, America’s healthcare system has been evolving significantly in recent years and we are entering an era in which medicines, treatments and technologies are becoming far more advanced and personalized. 

To improve health for people across the US, GSK’s teams are focused on advancing three core concepts: collaboration within health care systems and communities, access to prevention services and quality health care for all, and innovation to drive new and better treatments that meet patients’ needs. By focusing on these three areas with others across the country who are interested in promoting health, we believe we can create healthy communities for a healthy America.

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