Consumer questions about Ventolin HFA 200D inhaler?

As a precautionary measure, GSK has instituted a voluntary recall of six (6) lots of its Ventolin HFA 200D Inhaler product from hospitals, pharmacies, retailers and wholesalers in the US only.  Patients are not required to return their inhalers as part of this recall.

The recall is due to overly inflated overwraps, or ‘pouches’, in which the product is packed. An overly inflated overwrap could indicate leaking, which may result in the inhaler delivering fewer doses than anticipated on the dose counter.

The lot numbers included in the recall are: [6ZP003, 6ZP9944, 6ZP9848], 7ZP0634, 7ZP0810 and 7ZP0990.

Please note this is not a patient level recall and return of the product to us is not required.  If, however, you believe your Ventolin HFA 200D Inhaler is not effective at relieving your symptoms, please seek immediate medical treatment. If you believe your Ventolin HFA 200D Inhaler may have an overly inflated overwrap or may be leaking, or if you are experiencing any other product concerns, please contact the GSK Response Center at 888-825-5249.

GSK is committed to supplying high quality product and patient satisfaction, and we sincerely regret any inconvenience this voluntary recall may cause.