Nick Springer, U.S. Paralympian and meningitis survivor

Nick Springer

In the summer of 1999, 14-year-old Nick Springer headed off to sleep-away camp in Massachusetts. After a two-week ordeal that included 19 surgeries, four amputations (two on each arm at the elbow and another two at each knee), and grafts all over his body, Nick was able to begin the healing and rehabilitation process.

Following the rehabilitation process, Nick continued his interest in athletics and became a gold medal Paralympian in wheelchair rugby. His career highlights include:

  • 2010 World Championships, gold medal
  • 2008 Canada Cup, gold medal
  • 2008 North American Cup, silver medal
  • 2008 USQRA Athlete of the Year
  • 2006 World Championships, gold medal
  • Seven-time National Champion (2005-2011)

Nick is now working as a GSK spokesperson to educate parents and young adults about the dangers of meningitis and the vaccines available to help prevent it. He hopes that his story will inspire them to take five minutes to learn about meningitis and the five vaccine-preventable serogroups.