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Media contacts

US Corporate Communications

Sarah Spencer (Head)

GSK US Corporate Communications Contact US Corporate Communications

Tel: pref +1 215 751 3335

R&D Pipeline/Business Development/Corporate & Financial News

Mary Anne Rhyne

GSK Mary Anne Rhyne Contact Mary Anne Rhyne

Tel: pref +1 919 483 0492


Karen Hagens (Head)

GSK Karen Hagens (Head) Contact Karen Hagens (Head)

Tel: pref +1 919 483 2863


Anna Padula

GSK Immunology Contact Immunology

Tel: pref +1 215 751 4271


Gwynne Oosterbaan (Head)

GSK Gwynne Oosterbaan (Head) Contact Gwynne Oosterbaan (Head)

Tel: pref +1 215 751 7468

Robin Gaitens (Meningitis and Flu)

GSK Robin Gaitens (Meningitis and Flu) Contact Robin Gaitens (Meningitis and Flu)

Tel: pref +1 919 483 2678

Sean Clements (Shingles)

GSK Sean Clements (Shingles) Contact Sean Clements (Shingles)

Tel: pref +1 215 751 3565

Consumer Healthcare

Caryn Previdi

GSK Caryn Previdi Contact Caryn Previdi

Tel: pref + 1 862 579 8534

ViiV Healthcare

Marc Meachem

GSK ViiV Healthcare Contact ViiV Healthcare

Tel: pref +1 919 483 8756