Our locations

Do you want to work in manufacturing, research and development (R&D) or commercial operations? Find out about our global careers.

Our headquarters are in London and we employ nearly 100,000 people across 150 countries. We have an extensive network of manufacturing sites and R&D centers in the UK, US, Spain, Belgium and China. Our commercial operations stretch across the globe.

With such a widespread and ever-expanding geographical presence, we are always searching for new people to join our teams.

US Corporate

Philadelphia, PA

Located on Crescent Drive, the Philadelphia Navy Yard is one of two large corporate headquarters in the US. Along with the Research Triangle Park located in Raleigh-Durham NC, Navy Yard houses our marketing, communications, finance, IT, HR, sales, administration, and other corporate functions. Watch a video to learn more about GSK at The Navy Yard below.

Learn more about our new home in the Philadelphia Navy Yard.

Research Triangle Park, NC

The Research Triangle Park campus, located between Raleigh and Durham, NC, is one of two large administrative headquarters in the US. The RTP campus is home to R&D facilities focused on metabolic and viral diseases, as well as microbials, musculoskeletal, and proliferate diseases. Along with Navy Yard in Philadelphia, RTP also houses sales and marketing, administrative, and corporate functions.

US Research

Boston, MA

Our molecular discovery research facility near Boston focuses on the early part of the drug discovery process

Upper Merion, PA

The Research and Development center at Upper Merion (PA) contains chemical and biotechnology pilot plants, the research and genetics group, and a significant development presence. The site is the hub for the cardiovascular and urogenital diseases Center of Excellence for Drug Discovery (CEDD), and a satellite for the microbial, musculoskeletal, and proliferative diseases; the respiratory, inflammation and respiratory pathogen and the metabolic and viral diseases CEDDs.

Upper Providence, PA

The research and development center at Upper Providence contains staff from medical (including data management), project management, product strategy, anti-infectives research, development, pharmaceutical technologies and chemical development, support, regulatory affairs and global marketing. The site will be the hub for the anti-bacterials & host defense CEDD and a satellite for the respiratory, inflammation & respiratory pathogens; and metabolic, bone & anti-virals CEDDs.

US Vaccines

Hamilton, MT

In Hamilton we produce monophosphoryl lipid A (MPL), a bacterially-derived immunostimulant developed by Ribi ImmunoChem Research, the original company at this site. MPL is an essential component of novel adjuvant systems developed by GSK and is used in several development and commercial vaccines. The Hamilton site comprises two manufacturing facilities for MPL in addition to laboratories for process development, medicinal chemistry, and immunology research related to vaccine discovery and development.

Marietta, PA

The Marietta facility began commercial packaging operations in 2009. Today the Marietta site serves as GSK’s North American hub for the packaging of vaccines for the US. Additionally, the site is responsible for the formulation, filling and freeze-drying of Priorix® for Europe and other international markets.

US Consumer Healthcare

Warren, NJ

The GSK Consumer Healthcare U.S. headquarters office (GSK Warren) is located at 184 Liberty Corner Road in Warren, N.J.  The facility is 109,000 square feet and houses a cross-functional mix of employees, including Marketing and Sales, Research and Development, Quality, and Supply Chain team.

The interior design is modeled after GSK’s global approach to SMART working, which provides an open floor plan as well as flexible workspace and hours to better accommodate the individual needs of employees while fostering collaboration. The GSK Warren facility also features three Innovation Labs  − Research & Development Lab, the Consumer Sensory Lab, and the Shopper Science Lab – that are designed to work interchangeably, fostering enhanced interaction and collaboration from scientists to the sales team, and enabling faster and more efficient decision-making capabilities for all new and existing GSK Consumer Healthcare products.

Learn more about our Shopper Science lab, Consumer Sensory lab and Research & Discovery labs at our Consumer Healthcare North American headquarters in Warren, NJ.

US Manufacturing

Consumer Healthcare Manufacturing

  • Aiken, SC
  • Lincoln, NE
  • Memphis, TN
  • Oak Hill, NY
  • St. Louis, MO

Primary Supply Manufacturing

  • Upper Merion, PA
  • Rockville, MD
  • Zebulon, NC