Vice President and Medical Director
HR Centers of Excellence--Environment Health Safety & Sustainability

What is your role at GSK?

My role is to help deliver the GSK mission inside our company.  Our EHS team contributes to the business by helping to manage an estimated more than $2.4B annual spend on health care, reduce the human suffering and business cost of an estimated 1.6 million lost/impaired workdays/year, and help build GSK’s reputation as a company committed to good health. Our programs help improve individual and team resilience, energy, and performance at work and at home.    

How did you develop and implement the Resilience Program? 

These programs build skills to increase and manage personal and team energy and resilience which are aligned to our release energy expectation. The programmes began nearly 20 years ago, when surveys measured low energy levels among staff. We evaluated these programs with HR and leading universities and found significant positive impacts on engagement, leadership behaviours, energy and healthy choices.

These programs are recognized for their excellence inside and outside GSK. Our Philadelphia Navy Yard site was partly designed with our energy management principles in mind, with a built in bias toward movement (ie, stairs not elevators, 90% sit-stand desks, no personal printers/trash cans, etc), healthy choices, recovery spaces, and emotional connectedness.     

You have lived and worked in many countries, how many?

I have lived in two (US and UK) and worked in 54 countries to date.  I have worked in EHS, audit and assurance, and Vaccines R&D.  For the last 12 years, I have worked as a global employee health service provider and business partner in EHS.

In that role, I have supported the development of local and enterprise-wide occupational health, well being, and health benefits programmers.  I have seen two constants in my travels: 1) the commitment, passion and energy of GSK employees to our mission and 2) their desire to improve the health and energy of themselves and their communities

What are the highlights of your workday?

First, the diversity and passion of the people I work with. My team spans 5 continents. They speak many languages; have different traditions and perspectives, but share common values and beliefs about the importance of good health. Second, our work is intellectually and professionally challenging. The issues in a typical day range from assessing the health risks of a new chemical in R&D, treating an ill co-worker, designing a new health benefit with Total Reward, to delivering Energy for Performance workshop.  

What’s the best thing about working at GSK?

Without a doubt, it is our people and the power of our mission. I have seen two constants in our people in my travels: 1) their passion and energy for what we do as professionals and 2) their desire to bring better health and energy to themselves and their communities. For me, our GSK mission is absolutely aligned with my personal values and professional mission. And, when we live our values, we unleash the power of our spirit and great things happen.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of joining GSK?

Shop around at many companies. Ask tough questions about the business goals, leader behaviors, and culture. In the end, I think that they will find few companies as passionately committed to such an inspiring mission.  GSK is in the top tier of companies with deep commitments to both environmental sustainability and a healthy, high performing workforce. So, if you want to have both a rewarding career and a healthy life, GSK is a perfect place.