Head, Medical Governance and Assurance
North America Medical Affairs

What makes you, you?

I am highly committed, passionate, and try to be a role model to others. Apart from work, I am also a mother, a wife, a sister, a friend, and an obstetrician gynecologist who considers life as a beautiful miracle. Every moment we live in this world is an opportunity to make a positive difference to others.

What are your career highlights?

Before joining GSK in 2005, I was a clinician, academician, and scientist for more than 20 years—and in drug development and clinical investigation for more than 15 years. At GSK, my role has been at a global, regional (Asia Pacific, Australasia, China/Hong Kong, Japan), and country (US) level involving development of medical affairs strategies, including product launches and clinical development.  Since the end of 2011, I have headed the Medical Governance and Assurance in North America Medical Affairs.

You have lived and worked in many countries, how many?

I am originally from the Philippines, and I’ve lived and worked in Japan, Singapore, Belgium, and now the US.  Being embedded in different cultures and learning various languages is exciting and invigorating—but with challenges, of course.

What’s the best thing about working at GSK?

When I joined GSK, a friend told me that I joined the “dark side.” I believe I made the right decision.  We continue to build trust with our customers, including healthcare providers, and are working to become partners in patient care. I’m energized to come to work every morning because I love what I do and I know I can make a difference to a patient somewhere…that, to me, is the best thing about working at GSK.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of joining GSK?

You made the right decision.  Welcome to GSK!