Director, Shopper Science Lab
Joined us in 2012, based in UK

What makes you, you?

I would describe myself as being passionately inquisitive. The experience of meeting diverse and engaging people, and of finding interesting new places to see and things to experience is what I enjoy most.  

How have we supported your transition to GSK?

Good fortune played a role in me joining GSK - an old colleague mentioned that the business was thinking of developing a shopper science facility and I jumped at the opportunity. Since that moment, the Consumer Healthcare leadership team has been very supportive of the initiative to develop the Shopper Science Lab, investing a lot of time working with me and the team to ensure that it meets the objectives of the business. This has helped me quickly understand the Consumer Healthcare business and develop relationships with my key stakeholders.  

What’s the best thing about working here?

The Shopper Science Lab is a Consumer Healthcare focused facility and the largest and most advanced of its kind in Europe for studying what consumers want and how they shop. The blend of scientific tools, including bespoke biometrics and eye-tracking technology, makes this facility a leader in this area.

I have a strong passion for the science behind shopper marketing, so the opportunity to join a science-led company was very appealing. This has become even more apparent since I joined because I have seen first-hand that science is not restricted to the R&D labs; it’s at the heart of the company.

What are your highlights?

The variety of work we do in the Shopper Science Lab means that I get to meet many different people from diverse backgrounds, countries and cultures, making it a really rewarding role.  For example, the team works closely with GSK marketers, as you’d expect, but we also spend a lot of time with our scientists in Research and Development. We’ve also worked with major retailers who want to improve the way customers navigate and interact with their health and wellness areas in their stores. This isn’t something that a marketer would have the privilege of doing at many other companies.

What would you say to someone thinking of joining us?

My experience has taught me that a career in marketing can branch out into a number of areas; you just need to find the right company.  If you have an interest in science, you might be surprised at just how broad the career opportunities are at GSK.