Meet Amber and Alyssa

Amber and Alyssa both completed internships in Clinical Pharmacology with ViiV Healthcare this summer. We took a few minutes to discuss their experience, and here is what they shared.

ViiV interns_Alyssa_Amber

What was your favorite part of your experience?

Alyssa:  My favorite part of the experience was the autonomy I had to identify interesting projects, as well as meeting new people in departments all over the company. I loved that everyone was so open to sharing their career journeys and lending a helping hand. There was a great balance between hands-on projects and other meetings where I could learn more about ViiV Healthcare.

Amber: I met individuals from nearly every department in ViiV Healthcare and GSK to discuss their past and current roles both within and outside of the pharmaceutical industry. Expanding my network and learning about the variety of ways I can put my pharmacy degree to use has given me many new career aspirations, and it has greatly changed my perception of a career in industry.

What did you learn?

Alyssa:  By taking on projects by myself, I developed skills that I didn't have before. The greatest thing I learned, however, was how to be confident in myself and to put myself out there to network and make connections. Before this internship, I was very hesitant, but everyone created an environment that encouraged me to ask questions and step out of my comfort zone. This is an invaluable skill that I can take with me long after I leave this internship. 

Amber: I have gained so many skills that are truly invaluable. My short time here has taught me about corporate culture, especially how to work in an office environment, communicate professionally and build relationships with colleagues that can help guide me through my career decisions. I have also improved my leadership skills by serving as RTP ambassador, and have a better understanding of how to coordinate roles among a team and fulfill personal responsibilities as an accountable team member.

Alyssa and Amber brought their own ideas and style to their projects that made our initial ideas and plans even better. I was truly impressed by their ability to quickly adapt to our environment, integrate with the team members and explore the ‘world’ around them. They brought amazing energy and curiosity that pushes us to be better clinicians, scientists, educators and drug developers.

Katy Moore, R.Ph., Pharm.D., Head, Clinical Pharmacology, ViiV Healthcare

Would you recommend an internship with ViiV Healthcare to others, and if so, why?

Alyssa: Definitely! This internship was a great opportunity for me to learn about working in the pharmaceutical industry and how pharmacists fit in this career path. I think all students should be able to have this experience to gain great problem-solving and communication skills while networking with great people.

Amber: Absolutely! I am so appreciative of the time that was dedicated to teaching and my professional development, and I hope that other pharmacy students can have a chance like this to branch out of the clinical and retail pharmacy mindset to explore opportunities for a pharmacist in the industry setting.