In 2016, GSK launched its US Apprentice Program to provide exciting opportunities to talented and ambitious high school and college enrolled students.

Our apprenticeships give you hands-on experience in your chosen discipline and the opportunity to play a key role in contributing to the future success of the company. While you learn on-the-job from industry leaders, and earn a competitive salary, you will study towards nationally recognized qualifications.

If you’re looking for a rewarding alternative to college, our apprenticeships may be right for you! Our Apprentice Program is designed to provide opportunities for as many students as possible. As you may expect, there are minimum entry requirements to be eligible, and these vary by program.

Our apprenticeships are offered at several of our US work locations. Depending on where you live, you can apply for an opportunity at your chosen site. Explore our different apprenticeships to discover how each one offers you the chance to take on the global health challenges of today and tomorrow.

Interested in going to college?

We recognize that some students will want to pursue a graduate degree after they complete their secondary education. We have a number of graduate career opportunities for those that choose this route, and if you’re looking for an assignment role, you may be interested in our summer internship or co-op placements.

Meet some of our apprentices and hear what they have to say about the program.