Supplier Diversity Male

Corporate commitment

At GlaxoSmithKline we value and draw on the unique knowledge, experience and style of each individual in our global community. As a global organization, the very essence of our business demands a commitment to diversity. Our success relies on our innovation and creativity, which thrives in our diverse environment.

We are committed to help improve the lives of people in the communities we serve. This commitment requires an inclusive framework where all people have access to the medicines and products they need. Global Supplier Diversity has been designed to do just that. By taking a shared responsibility and seeking innovative partnerships and solutions within the community, we are helping diverse suppliers develop the necessary capabilities to grow and sustain their businesses.

Creating an inclusive environment for diverse suppliers promotes healthy communities!

In our global company, many people realize that creating an inclusive environment for employees helps our organization recruit and retain a diverse workforce. But just as we are expected to hire from a diverse candidate pool, we are also committed to ensuring our contracts are derived from a diverse supplier pool.

By establishing a robust Diverse Supplier Development Plan, integrating supplier diversity into our Sourcing Group Management Process and establishing an Advocacy Team to ensure our Supplier Diversity success we have gone beyond the diversification of employment and expanded to create opportunities for diverse suppliers. We have built a team of GSK advocates and stakeholders who will help us bridge the gap between GSK and the growing numbers of diverse populations across the globe.

The fact is, by creating an inclusive environment for our diverse suppliers we have enabled them to create jobs, build wealth and establish leadership in diverse communities. Diverse suppliers employ more people from diverse communities than larger corporations. Creating an inclusive environment for them has helped keep the wheels of economic power turning and strengthened economic prosperity in diverse communities everywhere.

Moreover, as we build a sense of community among diverse groups we in turn build the necessary trust and loyalty that gives us access to deliver key messaging around healthcare screenings, educational resources and patient assistance programs. Ultimately, this enables us to take a leading role in promoting preventative healthcare and eliminating existing disparities.

As GSK moves toward achieving our diverse business spending goals, we will continue to remember our mission which challenges us to enable people to do more, feel better and live longer. Diverse supplier inclusion and development is one way we are committed to achieving this challenge. Together we help strengthen the economic prosperity and health awareness in diverse communities everywhere.

For the small business, the economy and for GlaxoSmithKline, Supplier Diversity is a classic win-win for everyone!