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Putting responsible business principles into practice

Written by Katie Loovis

Today, GSK released our Annual Report and Responsible Business Supplement, which outlines our progress against 23 bold commitments to be a better business.

Katie Loovis, Director of US Corporate Responsibility
Katie Loovis, Director of Corporate Responsibility in the US

In the report and supplement, you’ll find important updates such as how we are:

  • advancing the world’s first malaria vaccine
  • leading the industry in commercial model changes (such as eliminating payments to external doctors to speak on our behalf and rewarding our sales representatives based on their expertise rather than traditional sales targets)
  • making critical reductions in waste, water, and carbon

I’m really proud of our progress and success around the world, including how our responsible business reforms are taking hold here in the US market and with our US employees

Over the last several weeks, I’ve connected directly with US colleagues who are on the ground, day in and day out, implementing improvements, navigating challenges, and driving work streams so GSK delivers on good and worthy goals in a real, meaningful, and sustainable way.

Through my interactions, I was able to ask questions, better understand challenges, and take away important and actionable ideas across our four responsible business focus areas: Health for All, Our Behavior, Our People, and Our Planet.

I invite you to go on this journey with me. Below, you can click through to learn what it’s like and what it takes for four GSK US “intrapreneurs” to build healthier communities, transform our commercial model, reduce our environmental footprint, and create a more diverse and inclusive workforce.


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