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Access to healthcare

Our humanitarian response to the Ebola outbreak

GSK's on-going efforts to strengthen healthcare infrastructure in the most affected countries.

Access to healthcare

Malaria: life cycle of a parasite

Find out more about malaria and the life cycle of the parasites that cause it.

How we do business

Switching to consumer choice: medicines for everyday health

How our consumer strategy is improving quality of life and access to established medicines

Our people

Changing gears in a scientific career

GSK medic, Emma Hilton, tells us about her career in science and how she makes hard work easier.

How we do business

Green chemistry

Our scientists aim to discover new medicines while reducing the environmental impact of their manufacture, supply and use.

Access to healthcare

TEDMED 2015: Art, inspired by vaccination

There are surprising similarities between an artist beginning a new work and a researcher on a quest to develop a vaccine.

How we do business

Flonase: the journey from prescription to OTC

Switching a product from a prescription medicine to over the counter (OTC) is nothing to sniff at.

Access to healthcare

TEDMED 2015: An interview with curator, Christine McNab

How does art tell the story of vaccines in a different way than other communications media?


Can mosquitoes prevent malaria?

Find out how we are breeding 2,000 mosquitoes every week in the search for anti-malarial medicines.

How we do business

The hope for a cure for HIV/AIDS in our lifetime

In the past three decades, we’ve made advances in treatments for HIV/AIDS but a cure has remained elusive.


Bacteria: friends or foes?

What if instead of trying to see off the bugs, we harnessed them and made them work for us, instead of against us?


Data transparency

We have a long-standing commitment to data transparency.


Harnessing the body’s electrical language to treat disease

Bioelectronic medicine is a vision far from today’s medical practice. But we believe that one day, tiny devices, smaller than grains of rice, could be used to restore health in a range of chronic diseases centred on organs and biological functions.


Epigenetics: turn-ons and turn-offs

In the words of the author and biochemist Isaac Asimov, "The most exciting phrase to hear in science, the one that heralds new discoveries, is not 'Eureka!', but 'That's funny…'"


Inside the open lab

"The biggest surprise for me was the openness,” says Thulasi Warrier. “I thought I would be put in a cubicle and not encouraged to speak.”


On target for a new era of drug discovery?

Almost half a century ago, the world entered an apparent golden era of drug discovery. Driven by a rapidly advancing understanding of biological processes in the body and medicinal chemistry, a generation of game-changing new medicines emerged.


Getting on target in autoimmune diseases

Our immune system is a complex network of cells in our bodies that work together to protect us from harmful germs.But what happens when these cells malfunction?

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