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Science of a different stripe

How do the stripes in toothpaste get into the tubes and how is it that they come out of it so uniformly?

Patients & consumers

Every breath you take: Alison’s story

Imagine if every breath you took was a struggle; imagine waking up in the night short of breath and wheezing.

Patients & consumers

Whooping cough: confronting the hidden risk to infants

Whooping cough can be especially serious for infants—sometimes even fatal.

Patients & consumers

GSK Uncovers The State of Uncontrolled Asthma in America

Survey findings show more than two-thirds (67%) of adults with uncontrolled asthma in the US are living with the misperception that their condition is under control.

Patients & consumers

Eggs in manufacturing

Chickens. Where would we be without them? Well for one thing, we wouldn’t have nearly as many influenza vaccines as we need.

Patients & consumers

The power of advocacy: coming together for the patient

When it comes to patient care, information sharing is vital – between the patient and doctor, and among multiple members of the care team. But did you ever think that information sharing is equally important during the research process, long before a new medical therapy reaches patients?

Patients & consumers

Struggling for breath

Claudette, 54, stops on the short walk between the bus stop and her nearby apartment. She needs to catch her breath. She is a grandmother of two, and suffers from COPD.

Patients & consumers

Clinical trials: a patient's view

In 2009 John Patrick Murphy, a 68 year old trial lawyer from Colorado, took a run-of-the-mill fall, which caused him a great deal of pain in his leg.

Patients & consumers

Beyond Breathing: When Is Asthma Really Under Control?

Often, despite trying many different asthma management techniques – from medication to avoiding triggers – patients have told me they were still experiencing asthma symptoms on a regular basis.

Access to healthcare

Pricing our medicines to help ensure patient access

We know there is significant frustration in the US regarding the cost of healthcare – including prescription medicines. We take this very seriously, as evidenced by our pricing track record.

Patients & consumers

Fostering Wellness initiative: young people lead the way!

Jack Bailey, President GSK US Pharmaceuticals, and North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory and others announced the winners of our $1 million GSK IMPACT Grant.

How we do business

Buyer beware: importing drugs comes with big risks

At first blush, importing medicines sounds great – a patient without insurance or facing a high deductible or co-pay may find the prices quite attractive. But importation carries major risks.

Access to healthcare

Helping patients in need

Insurance coverage can be challenging, financial circumstances can change quickly, and sometimes patients need assistance paying for their prescription medications or vaccines.

Patients & consumers

The Power of 24hrs

On November 13, 2008, Jamie Schanbaum, then 20 years old and enjoying the life of a typical college student, was feeling ill. Her symptoms were similar to those of the common flu but within 14 hours she was admitted to a hospital, in Austin, TX.

Patients & consumers

Living with COPD Every Day: Sean’s Story

Pinch your nose and try breathing through a straw? Not so easy, right?

Patients & consumers

Take a Breather: 8 Fast Facts on Severe Asthma

You may know about asthma, and that 26 million people in the US have it. But, how much do you know about severe asthma?

Patients & consumers

8 simple activities that may not be so simple when you have severe asthma

Saying “I have asthma” may not be as simple as you think. There are different types of asthma, including mild, moderate or severe asthma and each can make every day activities difficult in their own way.

Patients & consumers

Inspiring Students through STEM Education Programs

In the next five years, the US will add eight million jobs in STEM fields. Yet more than 20% of all students, and half of all minority students, drop out of school before graduation.

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GSK IMPACT Awards: 20 years of healthy communities

The GSK IMPACT Awards recognize local nonprofit organizations in our hometowns of Greater Philadelphia, PA and the Triangle Region, NC that are working to improve health hand-in-hand with the community.


How do consumer insights fuel our innovation?

By asking our consumers what matters to them, we can keep innovating and evolving our products. Importantly, this is not just about using our science to improve the products themselves – but also how the product is delivered.

Patients & consumers

Hyung makes sense of what consumers want

We spoke to one of our Principal Sensory Scientists, Hyung Chang – based at our Consumer Sensory labs in Warren, New Jersey.

Patients & consumers

Meet Jennifer: a science researcher whose quest became her own health

As a biomedical researcher at a major medical institution, Jennifer’s happiest days are spent reading, learning, and working on discovering something that will help improve people’s health. While her research includes rare diseases, she never imagined that she’d one day put her skills to use on herself, to unlock the strange mystery going on inside her body.

Our people

Thank you for calling GSK. Meet Paul, the voice at the end of the line.

Paul Irving has been a friendly voice to patients for 16 years at our US Patient Response Center. Here, he tells about his passion for helping patients and reveals what it’s like to be at the other end of the line.

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