Our people

Andy Dundon: the design behind the device

Andy Dundon leads our Research and Development (R&D) Device Engineering team in Ware, UK. His team focuses on ways to improve the design of our drug delivery devices, including through the use of digital technologies.

How we do business

Biosecurity and pandemic preparedness

Our global commitment to helping ensure health for all is built on developing innovative medicines and vaccines and making sure they’re accessible to people around the globe.

Patients & consumers

Eggs in manufacturing

Chickens. Where would we be without them? Well for one thing, we wouldn’t have nearly as many influenza vaccines as we need.

Our people

Beyond manufacturing in Chile and Madagascar

In 2015, GSK Vaccines sent two vaccine manufacturing teams to South America and Africa to better understand the impact of their daily work.

How we do business

Buyer beware: importing drugs comes with big risks

At first blush, importing medicines sounds great – a patient without insurance or facing a high deductible or co-pay may find the prices quite attractive. But importation carries major risks.

How we do business

Creating bricks and benches out of medical waste

Instead of being incinerated, medical lab waste at our Upper Providence site is being upcycled into bricks and benches.

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